South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust is dedicated to providing the best possible services to all the communities we serve. Your support means we can enhance the equipment and services we provide beyond the NHS core offering, enabling us to provide a greater experience to our patients, staff and visitors.

Here are some recent examples of how your support has helped to enhance our services:

Central England Rehabilitation Unit purchase Magic Carpet to aid patient rehab

The team at the Central England Rehabilitation Unit used charitable funds to puchase this Magic Carpet projector. 

The Magic Carpet projects interactive games and sensory experiences onto surfaces that can aid patients throughout various stages of their rehabilitation in an engaging and entertaining way.

This piece of equipment goes above and beyond the NHS standard and means we can offer even better care to our patients.


CERU Magic Carpet.JPG

Machen Eye Unit purchases specialist equipment above the NHS standard

The Machen Eye Unit were able to purchase this highly accurate eye-pressure monitor with charitable donations. The machine is above the quality and standard provided by the NHS and means the team can offer an enhanced service to their patients.

Eye unit 2.JPG

Enhanced facilities and equipment at new birthing centre

In 2017 SWFT Charity launched the Birth & Babies appeal. The aim of the appeal was to fund equipment for The Bluebell Centre, the new Midwife Led Unit at Warwick Hospital which opened its doors in 2018. With the generous help of the local community, we were able to ensure that all four birthing rooms are fitted with state of the art equipment, including a birthing pool available in each of them. This means low-risk pregnant women in the local area can experience a more natural ‘home from home’ birthing experience with less intervention, with the added benefit of expert medical care close by if needed.


State of the art beds for elderly patients at risk of falling

In the UK, falls are the most common cause of injury related death in people over the age of 75, and therefore falls prevention is a priority for the Trust. With the help of our supporters, SWFT Charity was able to purchase eight state of the art specialised beds for elderly patients at risk of falling. The beds are fitted with sensors that can detect if a patient is trying to get out of bed, triggering an alarm to alert nurses so that they can then be on hand to assist the patient.


New equipment at our specialist brain injury unit at Leamington Spa Hospital

SWFT Charity was recently able to purchase four water chairs and five height-adjustable tables for patients at our specialist brain injury unit at Leamington Spa Hospital. The chairs will help patients to get out of bed earlier in their rehabilitation process, and the height adjustable tables have been placed in the dining room to make the area more accessible to wheelchair users.


Specialist chair for ICU

A new specialist chair has been purchased for the Intensive Care Unit at Warwick Hospital. The chair allows patients the safe transition from their bed to an upright position - the benefits of this to patient rehabilitiation are widely reported. 

The chair was partly funded by ICU staff, who took on the Autumn Wolf Run to raise money for the unit - we can't thank them enough for their efforts to enhance the treatment their patients receive. DSC_0481.JPG


None of these enhancements would have been possible without the help and generosity of our supporters. Please donate so that we can continue to sprinkle some magic on our services.